Bite Sized: Five Minute Guacamole

Hi guys!

JB here with a quick recipe for one of my favorite snacks: guacamole!

This recipe  belongs to my mother, who honestly, makes the best guacamole. Seriously guys, she’s like the Queen of Avocados. 

It’s actually kinda funny, I would NOT eat avocados growing up & it took me until I was about 20 to fully enjoy them. But now, I can’t get enough of them! So in honor of my avocado fever, I present you the easiest, tastiest recipe for guacamole!



Two Haas Avocados

Three tablespoons of Salsa, any flavor

One tablespoon of Sour Cream 

One tablespoon of lime juice

Cilantro, chopped

Salt & Pepper to taste. 

Alright guys, this is super simple to make.

Start off by cutting the avocados open & scooping it out into a bowl. I find it to be easier to get it all out if you dice the inside, but if your knife skills need improving, you can just scoop the ‘cado out with a spoon. 

guc 1

Then add the salsa, lime juice,sour cream, and cilantro & mash it together until it’s thoroughly mixed. 

Add salt & pepper to taste.

guca 2 

Serve with your favorite chips, mine are the Late July Organic Sea Salt & Lime chips from Whole Foods (sponsor me!), since it adds another layer of flavor to the entire dining experience, but that’s just me.

guca 3.JPG

Hope you enjoy this 5 minute snax as much as I do!

Happy snaxing. ❤


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