Taste Test: Jenis Ice Cream

I love food but you couldn’t pay me to buy ice cream for $10. 


So while trolling through Whole Foods on a regular degular payday, I came across this ice cream and I couldn’t leave it untouched. 
So being the unreasonable impulsive buyer that I truly am, I bought it! 

Honestly also got this because they didn’t have Talenti’s Southern Butter Pecan. ;(

GWORL. I was rolling my eyes so hard eating this ice cream. The pecans were so caramelized with notes of whiskey all throughout, I thought I would catch a contact…buzz, that is. 

After finishing it in one sitting, I decided it was evil because I couldn’t figure out what type of sorcery. Needless to say I’ll be buying more. Lol. 

Don’t ask what’s wrong with me cause I’ve yet to figure that out m’self. 

Happy snackin’, loves. ❤

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