Bite Sized: Chicken and Waffle Pizza.

Get ready for some controversy!

Okay so short poll: chicken & waffles on pizza is…?

If you said, “crazy as hell”, you’re right.

If you said, “insanely delicious”, guess what?

You’re so right.

A recent trip to my favorite pizza place Pie Sci introduced me to the wildest pizza ever created.

The Waffle House is Pie Sci’s pizza of the week & has rotisserie chicken, caramelized onions, apples, crushed waffle cones, and spiced maple syrup.

I’ll admit, when I say them post it on Instagram, I wasn’t into it. But #Boyfriend say the vision.

The pizza the perfect combo of salty & sweet, while the waffle cones add the perfect crunch to the pie.

Oh & you can get powdered sugar on top is you’re a daredevil.

Hurry up & go to Pie Sci will the Waffle House is still there, you have till Sunday, the 16th! You will be in for a delicious surprise.

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