SnaxNTheCity: Town Tavern.

Do you ever walk by a restaurant & go, “I should try that place.” but never do?

That was me every time I passed Town Tavern in downtown Royal Oak.

Every time I passed the restaurant, Id say to myself, “Oh that place looks good!” and walk right past it & go to Blaze Pizza.

I’ve heard amazing about Town tavern, including rave reviews about their Short Rib Grilled Cheese & the *World’s Best Parmesan Truffle Fries*.

I got the Lobster Nachos, which were arguably the beat seafood nachos I’ve ever had.

There was TONS of lobster (which is VERY IMPORTANT) & the cheese sauce on top was so good that I’m still* trying to figure out the recipe so I can use it at home.

Boyfriend got the Parm Truffle Fries & the Short Rib Grilled Cheese, both lived up to the very high standards.

Oh & the Tavern Lemonade, it’s sooooo good.

The Black Cherry Vodka really added a lip-smacking flavor that will have you jotting down the ingredients so you can make it for your next party.

Stop by Town Tavern next time you’re in the mood for lux food for the low!

116 W 4th St, Royal Oak, MI 48067

*World’s Best Parmesan Truffle Fries award was given to Town Tavern by #Boyfriend but he has really good taste so believe him guys.*

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