Snax in Another City: Kindred.

Hey loves!

I just came back from an amazing mini-vacation in the beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina.

My absolute best-est friend had a baby & I’m the godmother.

Say hi to my lil baby!

As soon as I landed in Charlotte, Shanece (hey girl hey!) told me she just *had* to take me to this amazing restaurant in the neighboring town, Davidson, called Kindred.

She described it as the cutest restaurant, with an ever changing menu.

As in, their menu changes literally every day.

Yes, every single day.

So call it luck, or call it fate, but I happen to make my trip on a day where they had one of my favorite things ever: Shrimp Rolls.

Similar to a lobster roll but better cause, shrimp.


The shrimp rolls were simple, just shrimp, meyer lemon, & tarragon, on a buttery, toasty bun.

Shanece tried the buttermilk fried chicken salad, which featured juicy fried chicken thighs & a tangy dressing (and bacon, yum!)

But the deserts to end all deserts was the HUGE slice of chocolate birthday cake, sprinkles included!

Could Kindred be any more precious?

Stop by Kindred next time you’re in Charlotte, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied no matter what’s on the menu!

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