Snax We <3 : Lawless Pho Beef Jerky.

Fun Fact: I’m a jerky-head.

I love love love beef/pork/whatever jerky (curiously enough, I hardly ever eat red meat!).

But here’s something so oddly appealing about smoked, dried meat that it gets me every time.

 As of Saturday, I’m happy to report that I found the world’s best beef jerky.


Lawless Pho Beef Jerky is bursting with flavor, and not break-you-jaw-tough (like some jerky’s).


Flavor wise, you can feel the heat of the jalapenos, and tastes spices like cloves, cilantro, and star anise.


I was SO in love with this snack, I went online & ordered their “Taste of Asia” starter pack, which includes flavors like ALOHA TERIYAKI & SWEET SRIRACHA.


Do yourself a favor & order some of this delicious, dare-I-say, life changing jerky.

It’s available on their website as well as

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