Bite-Sized: Blistered Corn

Hay guys! Long time, no see! 

So as you all may very well know, Jazzmin and I (especially Jazzmin) love Katoi. I don’t get to go as often, so when I do, I try to savor every moment. 

Well, let me tell y’all. 

On their late night menu is something called blistered corn. BLISTERED CORN. 

Now as someone that hates corn, I wasn’t gung ho to try any of this. Oh but then. 

Tried it off a friend’s plate and damn near annihilated all of it. Escalated vv quickly.  

It gave me corn salsa teas and I was into it. 

Unfortunately didn’t get a photo cause it got what? Annihilated. Also because it was what? Dark and late night. 

Check out the late night menu before it’s all gone! Because bitches be what? Hungry. 

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