Bitches Be Cookin’: French Onion Soup.

Hey guys!

We’re well into fall now, and one thing that’s so quintessentially autumnal to me is soup. I love soup! Especially making it. Last weekend I decided to try my hand at making my absolute favorite type of soup, French Onion. If you couldn’t tell from my post, I’m obsessed with caramelized onions, so a whole soup based off of them is right up my alley.

Wanna know how I made this yummy meal? Check out the recipe here!


Three large yellow or white onions, sliced thin

One cup of red wine

Three bay leaves

Three sprigs of thyme

Four tablespoons of butter

Six cups of beef broth

Two cup of Gruyere cheese

One baguette, sliced into bite sized pieces

One half cup of four

I stated off by slicing two large onions with my mandolin


until I was writhing in the floor from onion fumes.

Seriously, this was me when I was slicing them.

Image result for pain meme

After I picked myself off of the floor, I sautéed the onions in butter with three sprigs of thyme, three bay leaves and garlic until they were soft & slightly browned.

soup-3 soup-4

While that was coming together, I had #Boyfriend grate the cheese so I can use it for the croutons.


Then, I added  a cup of red wine (I used some Malbec I had on hand) to the onions & they that reduce until the liquid is gone.


*IMPORTANT* Make sure you take out the thyme & bay leaf before you eat the soup. you will surely choke on them if you keep it in.

Add the flour in & stir until the mix is thick.soup-7

Now it’s time to add the stock to the pan. Let the simmer together for about 10 minutes.

At this point, I made the Gruyere croutons aka I put some of the cheese on tops of the sliced baguette &  toasted them in the oven until the cheese melted.


Once the soup came together, I sprinkled some cheese on top & added the crouton.


And there you have it!

The most perfect French Onion Soup!


If you really wand to get advance, add a TON of cheese & bake it in an oven-safe bowl.

Happy eating! ❤

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