It’s Party Time!

Hey loves!

 So we’ve been *flooded* with questions on what we’re doing to celebrate SnaxNTheCity’s 1st anniversary (which is October 1st’s btw!).

And we finally have an answer for ya.

We’re having a party!!!!


That’s right babies, a  pahhhhty.

Please join us on October 22nd, at 7 pm at the 449 W Alexandrine, Detroit, MI 48201 (aka the Detroit Clothing Circle!) to commemorate an amazing first year.

I know what’s on your mind, “Whats for dinner?”.

Two words: Pizza Party.

Not just any Pizza Party, a fancy ass one.

Also, we’ll have drinks, delicious cupcakes from Nieko (who is one of the best bakers of all time) & some bitchin’ tunes from Lord Gulley.

So yeah, get excited.

Early Bird tickets are $15 & will go live on tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see you guys there!

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