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SnaxNTheCity: Motor City Brewing Works.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should try a restaurant and for some reason you just never get around to going?

This is the case of Motor City Brewing Works & me.


For some reason, I kept forgetting about this pizzeria in my backyard!

I recently popped in for dinner with #Boyfriend after we suffering from taste bud fatigue (meaning we were bored of virtually every restaurant in our neighborhood).

The restaurant is small, but it boast a very lovely rooftop deck which we chose to eat at.

I instantly loved the menu once I saw the “Bronx Bomber” which reminded me of home <3.


But my eyes lit up & my stomach growled once I saw the “Danimal”.pizza-menu-1

This white pie checks off all of my faves:

Artichokes? Check! Gorgonzola? Check! Caramelized red onions? Check! Fresh basil? Check!


I ordered it sans tomatoes cause gross.

Oh & I added a butt-ton of crushed red pepper flakes cause ya girl is ~spicy~.


This baby was GOOD.

Like, so good that I might not try anything else on the menu & just order this all the time.

Oh yeah, and the restaurant is totally a brewery an they have a butt ton of beers so grab one with your pizza when you go.

Check them out:  Motor City Brewing Works, 470 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201.


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