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Food Truckin’: The Wolverine Sandwich from Hero Or Villain.

Hey guys!

Food Truck season is well underway & I am lucky enough to say I’ve experienced some of the best food trucks Detroit has to offer!

Monday, I tried Hero Or Villain, which is a superhero themed sandwich truck.


My first instinct was to try the Thor which is very #onbrand for me.

The Thor is essentially a BLT with cheese & when I saw it I was like, “oh, yeah, that one.”

But then I saw it.


Chicken. Cherry Sauce. Gorgonzola Cheese. Cherry Walnut bread.

The Wolverine.

sammie 1


You guys, I honestly feel like I found the perfect sandwich.

The cherry sauce was tangy but sweet which perfectly balanced the saltiness of the blue cheese.

Also, chicken was the perfect choice of meat to balance these bold flavors.

sammie 2

Oh yeah, they have curly fries too (which are ovbi the best types of fries)!

So yeah, needless to say, you need to catch Hero Or Villain before it’s too late.

Seriously guys, don’t miss out!

sammie 1

Check out their website for their schedule:

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