Taste Test: Lemonaise 

Hey guys, Wonda here! How y’all zoing? 

Ok so as a lot of you may know, I moved into my first apartment last weekend (yay!!!). I love it, it’s amazing. Just wow. 

With that being said, I’m a broke bitch this week so I’ll be limited to cereal, ramen and sandwiches. 

So while at Meijer, I was looking around for some fancy mayo to use because nothing is better than a good sandwich spread. It’s like destiny or something, I hear. That’s when I came across this interesting specimen: 

Like, what? Lemonaise? I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean lemon is what brought me in. I also took a gander at all the ingredients and everything was recognizable so I was definitely sold! 
 Tried it by itself and bbbbbbbbbbbbb……


When I tell y’all that this might be the best spread I’ve ever used. It was so tangy yet garlicky and lemony. Just amazing. Nothing overpowering, just flavors mixing and mingling. 

It also tells you what you can use it on! 

I just used it on a regular sandwich but hey, why not dress up my regular degular sammich? Tasted like something straight from the deli. 

If you love to make sandwiches that aren’t dry as the Sahara, you should totally try this out. 

Happy snacking y’all. ❤

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