Snax N The City.

Taste Test, Int’l Edition: Raspberry Kit Kats. 

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday full of fun, friends and FOOD. I certainly did. Whew. 


Let me just start off with how yummy these raspberry Kit Kats are, ok?

Now, raspberry? Bitch, you guessed it. But they’re from…..*drumroll*


Yup. One of our regular clients brought a bag back with her to give to the salon to share. 

I was automatically in awe because PINK. 

But the difference between these and regular, degular, schmegular Kit Kats are that they aren’t made from chocolate. 

No chocolate????? Yea, girl. 

They’re actually made with yogurt instead of chocolate. So they’re healthier right? Well, that’s what I’m telling myself to justify eating 5 of these babies. 

Normally I don’t really like raspberry flavored tings but this was an exception. It tasted like I was eating a raspberry in cookie form. The American Dream or something. 

Now I’m thinking about them and I want some more. *cries in cravings*

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