Snax N The City: Tom + Chee.

You ever hear about something so crazy that you just have to try it?

This was me when I heard about Tom + Chee in Northville!

Tom + Chee is a crazy ass grilled cheese spot that makes the most unique sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Look at this menu guys!


I tried their Bacon + Blue which combined my two favorite things (bacon & blue cheese),

tm 1

while my mom hand an even crazier ‘which by the name of the Crunchy Garlic Chicken that not only has roasted chicken, it had sweet hot mustard, grilled onions, garlic, pepper jack cheese, annnnnnnd parmesan garlic chips.

But the craaaaazzziest thing from Tom + Chee has to be their Donut Grilled Cheese.

I know what you’re thinking, gross right?

Oh no.

no no no no non no no.

It. Is. Amazing.

 Let’s talk about it:

tom 1

the donut is sugary sweet, like the ones you’d get from Krispy Kreme, so it balances out the saltiness of the bacon & cheddar cheese perfectly.

Not a fan of cheddar? Don’t worry, Tom + Chee has you covered.

Try the S’mores Donut:

tom 2

if you have a sweet tooth, prepare to be in Heaven!

Check out Tom + Chee!

Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the adventurous eater.

Tom + Chee Northville: 18875 Traditions Dr, Northville, MI 48168

Tom + Chee Troy: 307 E Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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