Snax n The City: Imperial.

So last week I was talking to Wonda about one of our favorite spots, Imperial, & somehow it’s not in the site yet.


Which is crazy considering how delicious it is!

Imperial is our go-to spot for cheap eats; nothing on the menu is over $10 bucks.

imperial 3

Oh & they have both brunch and a not-so-secret secret menu.

There’s actually a funny story about my most recent trip to Imperal: the waiter gave us extra food due to confusing us with the table next to us. So essentially, we got double the food for the same price. #Finesse

Here’s what we got:

imperial 1

Tacos: one Adobada de Pollo (chili lime grilled chicken with salsa verde)

Barbacoa (roasted pork with chipotle salsa)

Papas con Rajas (chorizo & potato with queso fresco)

Da Hawt Dawgs:

imperial 2

This is what I come to imperial for. The crazy amazing hot dogs.

Everyone I know who’s been there is obsessed with Bakersfield Sonoran & it’s for good reason. This hot dog is wrapped in bacon with (get ready for this) BBQ chicken, pineapples, jalapeño onion relish, chipotle aioli, queso fresco and cilantro. The Bakersfield is like an explosion of bold, meaty flavors that somehow gets better every time I have it.

If you’re thinking, “JB, what can possibly top that delicious ass hot dog?!?!”

The hot dog of the month: The Asian Dog. Okay so I’m actually not sure if that’s the name of it but that’s what me & #boyfriend are calling it. It has kimchi, an Asian chili sauce, fried wontons & it was wrapped in bacon. Talk about heaven. It was so good that I went back later that week & ordered two of them.

Check out Imperial guys!

Seriously good eats for a great price!

22828 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

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