Snax N The City: Katoi.

Somehow, #Boyfriend always finds out about new restaurants before I do. He must get a newsletter or something because he’s always telling me about some new, hip place that is ah-mazing.

This is the case for my new favorite restaurant, Katoi.


Katoi was once a pop-up restaurant in Ann Arbor but now it’s made its permeant residence in Corktown. It’s Thai influence insures that every dish is loaded with flavor.

katoi 5

When we decided to go, #Boyfriend had their Crispy Spare Ribs & I tried the Chinese Duck Noodles.

katoi 1

The noodles came in a broth similar to pho, so you know I practically put my entire face in the bowl. The duck leg that was in the bowl was very tender & fell off the bone.

Let’s talk about these crispy spare ribs.

katoi 2

When I say I’ve never had ribs that tasted as good as these do, I’m not lying. They’re fried & covered in a delicious caramelized fish sauce & they’re addictive. The ribs are so wonderful that I had to come back the next day so my mom could try them. She loved them just as much as we did!

This time, I tried something different & got the Naem Khao Tod which is crispy rice with sour pork & the Steamed Mussels. The crispy rice is hard to describe but it’s crunchy & spicy & sour & just a wonderful little party in your mouth.

katoi 3

They give you huge portion of mussels that have this wonderful broth at the bottom of the bowl.

katoi 4

Make sure you use the crunchy bread they give you to sop it all that broth up or you’ll be very disappointed in yourself.

As I’m writing this, I’m already planning what I’m getting the next time I go. Please, do yourself a favor & make Katoi the next place you eat dinner.

Katoi: 2520 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

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