Snax N The City: Harbor House

What started out as a complete fail, turned out to be a whole ass win, tbh. 

I’d originally planned to go to Green Dot because I STILL haven’t been. Why I thought it would be a great idea to go on a Saturday night is beyond me. 

We get there and there’s an HOUR WAIT. 

no girl.

So we head to Harbor House instead!

I’ve always heard great tings about this place but never went. Cause you know…lazy and forgetful. 

Anywho, when we walked in, it was a HUGE band playing. It was awesome. But I wasn’t particularly in the mood for big noises. So we sat in a separate room. 

I wasn’t super hungry but hungry enough to wanna eat. So…maybe I was hungry?

The menu isn’t huge but being the indecisive bitch I was born to be, it took me forever to figure out what I wanted. 

Also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t enjoy a beer while trying to decide, too. Which I did.


But I finally broke down and decided to get the steak bites. 


I don’t eat steak bites often but cravings. Plus, these were super yummy!  Cajun sautéed on a bed of onion straws? Mm. My type of porty.

I’ll definitely be byke to this spot. 

Harbor House: 440 Clinton St, Detroit, MI, 48226.  

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