Snax N The City: Vinsetta Garage


After years of passing this place, constantly driving up and down Woodward, I finally got an opportunity to try it out!

I’m getting better, guys! \o/

What’s cool about Vinsetta Garage is that it used to actually be a garage that serviced cars. Crazy, right? But long since, they’ve stopped servicing cars and started servicing our bellies. 

And I’m vv grateful for that. 

The menu was long, and I had time, so I ordered a beer. 

And it’s official. I love milk stouts. 


Not too overbearing with the sweetness that the milk gives it, either. Just yummy, hunty. 

Finally, I decided on the Union Mac + Cheese and the Duck Burger. 



First of all, the macaroni and cheese was some of the best I’ve ever had from a restaurant. The crispiness from the crust was a great balance to the gooey cheesiness inside. AGH. 

The duck burger was like nothing I’ve ever had before.

It was actually pretty damn good. On it was the duck patty, cherry compote, caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese and arugula. 

Only thing that threw me off was how sweet the cherry compote actually was. 

I’m not too huge on mixing my sweet with my savory, so I was just like “wehhhhh?” Plus, the compote was making the bun soggy since it was the bottom layer. 😦

But other than that, it’s an awesome place with great food. Check it out! 

Vinsetta Garage: 27799 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI, 48072.  

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