Snax N The City: Flowers of Vietnam

I’m not sure if I ever told you but my boyfriend is a S-E-R-I-O-U-S foodie.

Like, he could single-handedly run SnaxNTheCity & put both Wonda and me out of a job if he wanted to.

He’s been talking about some weird, pop up restaurant that’s super delicious but also super hard to find for a month now & he finally took me on Sunday (cause that’s the only day they’re open.)

So imagine my surprise when we pull up to Vernor Coney Island after literally a month of anticipation.

viet 4

Located in a Coney Island in the middle of Southwest Detroit, Flowers of Vietnam is a small pop-up restaurant ran by Chef George Azar.

The Vietnamese spot is a unique place not only because of the location (surrounded by Hispanic restaurants, mainly Mexican. ) but it’s menu is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

menu 1 menu 2

I got the Tom Muoi va Hat Tieu aka the number A-7. It’s fried salt & pepper prawns with scallions, cilantro & Thai chili. It was amazing!

viet 1

They were so flavorful; the salt & pepper gives the prawns a flavor that’s hard to describe but they’re easily the BEST fried shrimp I’ve ever had.

#Boyfriend had the Caramel Chicken Wings, which I was originally apprehensive about trying because of the name.

I was like, “Caramel? On chicken? You’re crazy!” And yes it is crazy but they are crazy good.

It’s not like a sweet caramel flavor, somehow it’s savory & amazing on the wings.

We finished our meal off with the Ca Phe Trung, which is a delicious dessert coffee.

viet 2

The thick layer of sweet Viet egg cream balances perfectly with the slightly bitter taste of the coffee.

Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Check out Flowers of Vietnam tonight, they open tonight at 7:00pm!

4330 Vernor Hwy W, Detroit, MI 48209

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