Cooking For Bae: Salmon Piccata

Hey loves!

I have this great recipe to share with you guys today. So, anyone who knows me knows I make a mean chicken piccata. But instead of using chicken, I made this lovely piccata with salmon! I was lucky enough to pick up two fresh cuts of salmon from the local grocery store for this dish, but frozen salmon will work just fine.

Let’s get started!


Two salmon fillets (the thicker they are, the longer it takes to cook)

One lemon

One cup of white cooking wine

One cup of heavy cream

Two tablespoons of capers

One tablespoon of chopped garlic

One tablespoon of olive oil

Pasta of your choice (check out my fresh pasta recipe here: ( )

Fun fact: this is what I cooked for my first Valentine’s Day with #Boyfriend so it’s special to me.

I started off by seasoning the fish with just kosher salt & cracked black pepper (that’s really all you need since the sauce is very flavorful) & then I placed it in pan of chopped garlic & olive oil,

salmon 1

meat side down.

I don’t love cooking fish skin side down first, it seems to burn quicker that way to me.

Anyway, in another pan combine a tablespoon each of olive oil & chopped garlic.

Once the garlic is aromatic (aka you can smell all of that garlicky goodness), squeeze all the juice out of the lemon &

salmon 2

add the cooking wine.

When I was cooking this, I made the mistake of leaving the wine at my house so #Boyfriend had to take me to Whole Foods at like 9 pm on Valentine’s Day, so s/o to him.

Back to the recipe:

salmon 3

I then added the heavy cream to the mix & let it simmer, but not boil.

After that, I added the capers & I put the salmon back in the pan to let the flavors meld together.

salmon 4

Once that’s done, I put that over our fresh pasta & voila! A super flavorful meal, perfect for two.

salmon 5

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day & think of this dish for your next romantic meal! ❤

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