Ten Minute Meals: Fresh Pasta.

Y’all, I feel like the Beyonce of cooking right now.

And you know why that is?

I made pasta from scratch with the help of #Boyfriend.

And it had the nerve to be easy!

Check out my two ingredient (yes gurl, only two ingredients) pasta from scratch.


Two cups of flour

One egg, beaten.

Okey dokey, so start off by combining the flour & the beaten egg in a large bowl & start mixing them together. I used the well method so things don’t get messy.

If you’re not familiar with what the well method is, it’s where you make a small well in the flour,


like this.

There are some people who like to do this with a food processor, but I prefer to mix the dough by hand.


If it’s too crumbly, add a little water, if it’s too sticky, add more flour.

Once the dough feels like it’s coming together, dust your counter top in flour & get to rollin.

Roll the dough out until it’s thin,


but not too thin, unless you want angel hair (which I hate, too damn thin!).

Then you cut it to the desired width; I had #Boyfriend try to get it around linguine size


but it was kinda a train wreck because I left my damn pizza cutter at home.

I have a theory that using a pizza cutter would be much easier than a knife,


plus all of the pasta would be even.

Anyway, the pasta takes like 3 minutes to boil, which is great because #BBHAF.


So yeah, fresh pasta guys!


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