Taste Test: Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale

When I first heard about this beverage, I was kind of excited to try it out. Especially since I’m not a root beer type of gyal. 

I mean, why wouldn’t I like it, right? I *sometimes* like ginger ale and ginger beer is vv bae so…yea. Great idea?


I was actually kind of disappointed, tbh. It was too sweet for my liking. It honestly tasted like Vernors with an additional gallon of sugar. 

Like, damn. Just slap me with all the sugar.

However, the alcohol content is kinda decent so it’ll probably get you deliciously drunk after chugging a few. 

I’ll update y’all on that one because though I didn’t care too much for this beverage, we don’t waste alcohol ’round these parts, lil’ shawty. 

Update: I’m not drinking this. 

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