Snax N The City: Mercury Burger Bar.

You know what I’ve been craving lately?

A good burger.

You know who has delicious burgers?

Mercury Burger Bar in Corktown.


I went for the first time this weekend & boy was I happy!

I had chose the Blue Apple burger

mercury 1

which came with applewood smoked bacon & a huge pile of blue cheese.

Every time I have a blue cheese burger, I always add hot sauce to it, and instead of reaching for Frank’s Red Hot, #Boyfriend suggested that I try the Cholula Original Hot Sauce to add a kick to it. What a great choice babe!

Oh, there was also poutine fries!

mercury 2

I don’t know if I ever professed my loooovvvveee for poutine fries but man oh man, am I obsessed.

 I try them every time I see them on a menu.

And their poutine was sooo good, easily the 2nd best poutine I’ve ever had (the BEST poutine I’ve ever had, I can go on all day about it. But that’s another post that I’ll get to later.)

I got a chocolate milkshake too.

mercury 3

I love milkshakes so much; my dad always use to get half strawberry, half chocolate which is a helluva combination if you’ve never had it.

All in all, Mercury Burger Bar is a tasty spot for a tasty burger.

Oh my best foodie friend Bonnie seriously endorsed the tater tots!

Check them out.

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