Snax N The City: Rose’s Fine Foods

Hello everyone!

This weekend was jam packed with delicious foods! On Saturday, my boyfriend took me to his favorite breakfast place in the city, Rose’s Fine Foods.


This hole in the wall looks like nothing from the street, but if you pass this one by, you’re missing out on a gem.

They captured my heart as soon as I sat down because I saw chocolate egg creams on the menu board.

roses 1

If you never had a chocolate egg cream, it’s like a thin carbonated, chocolate milk.

roses 4

Sounds weird, but my Nana use to always get me them when I was young & I’m still in love with them.

Aside from the egg cream, I loved the little note they put on their menu stating that their staff makes a living wage & they donate a portion of their tips to local charities,

roses 2

it made me feel like they really care about what they’re doing, you know?

As for these ~fine foods~, their ever-changing menu features an interesting variety of wild game, like the Hot Lamb Bling (braised lamb over grits) & vegan dishes, like their “That Porridge Dude” (scallion pancakes over coconut rice porridge).

roses 3

I wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous, so I got Grandpa Richard’s Pancakes

while my super foodie boyfriend got their Bang Bang Breakfast Rice.

roses 5

The rice was AMAZING, 10 out of 10.

So yummy that I want to make it on my own.

Oh, they make donuts fresh there too!

roses 6


Do yourself a favor & check out Rose’s Fine Foods!

It’s an amazing little spot where everything is fresh & the people are wonderful.

Roes’s Fine Foods: 10551 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48214.

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