Snax N The City: Crown Bar (formerly known as Social House)

So when talking about trying new places, I procrastinate. Cause, you know…that’s my jam.

This place is no different; ESPECIALLY since it is literally a couple miles down the road from my house.

Well I’ve gotten around to FINALLY trying it with one of my best friends, Kieona, because who isn’t down for drinking after a long night of drinking? Amirite?

So we decided to try this place out!

Oh jeez, where are my manners? The place is called Social House.

My first thing was how fucking cute it was inside. Like, SO DAMN CUTE. Had a modern feel to it. But you’d never know that from the outside looking in.

It really reminded me of a suburban version of Bar 7 on steroids. Mama love.

The atmosphere. 

I’m all about the energy and feng shui of places and this place basically snatched my face and said “get in here and eat my food bitch.” 

Say no more.

Next thing was the menu. It had a lot of yummy looking choices but what really got my goat was how they were so damn…Michigan.

The same salad from Hudson’s?! The nostalgia made my little black heart melt.

Rest in peace, Hudson’s AND Northland.

Also this: Better Made Mac N Cheese!!



I was intrigued but I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough that day.

…or was I? Because I surely did order a stout. Yup, you read that right. I *supposedly* hate those but apparently not if they’re NEOPOLITAN. Which this was.

Super yummy! I’ll be doing a review on this vv soon, so look out for it!

As an appetizer, I decided on the fried calamari because that has been my thing lately: to try calamari from different establishments.

Lil bae came deliverdt to me on a bed of kale with a side of honey sriracha sauce, WHICH WAS AMAZING UHHHH.

Inhaled that!

I then ordered a sandwich. But not just any sandwich. But, THE sandwich. It was a salmon BLT but drop the T cause I’m not a tomato-y type of girl.

So this salmon BL (chuckles) was so damn good. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD SIS. I wanted to sob at the table.

On it was the beautiful salmon, arugula, bacon and creamy Boursin cheese on a ciabatta bun, which was toasted to perfection bih.

Just all the yums.



oh y’all thought I was done?


It’s vv rare that I’ll get dessert but my cravings be trying it with me. So I got dessert.

A Godiva brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. Simple, yet decadent. Satisfied my craving almost too well.

I think it’s safe to say that this will definitely become one of my spots most frequented, cause bitches be hungry as fuck.

Social House: 6139 Haggerty Rd
Walled Lake, MI 48322

2 thoughts on “Snax N The City: Crown Bar (formerly known as Social House)

  1. I love this! Actually, I love all of it but I just wanted to tell you ladies how much a fan-mazing (fantastic + amazing) job you guys are doing with the blog! I’m intrigued.


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