Cooking For #Bae: The Most Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

So, have you ever seen a picture of food & was just SO amazed by how delicious it looked?

Well that’s how #Boyfriend& I felt about THIS grilled cheese sandwich

grilled cheese

that I saw on @Devourpower’s Instagram from Spitzer’s Corner in NYC.

So you KNOW we had to remake it.

I wasn’t going to even put this on the site, however once I posted a picture on twitter, I got SO many requests I just had to share how to make this yummy grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s a simple recipe:

4 Strips of thick-cut bacon

German Brown Mustard

Gruyere Cheese

One Granny Smith Apple

We made 4 strips of the thickest bacon we can find, seriously this is so thick it cost like $10 but it was 1000% worth it,

grilled cheese 1 grilled cheese 2

then once that was done, I spread some German brown mustard on both slices of the sourdough bread.

Then I layered the cheese, bacon, & a few slices of  apple.

grilled cheese 3

After that, I placed the sandwich in a hot pan with some melted butter.

And there you have it,

grilled cheese 4

the best grilled cheese you’ll ever have!

This sandwich is SO good, that we already plan on making it again this week.

Happy eating guys!

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