Taste Test: Leinenkugel’s Vanilla Porter

Boy do I love a seasonal beer! Whenever I see a new one, I have to try it. Especially if it’s from one of my fave brewing companies. 

I feel as though my beer palette is maturing because lately, I’ve acquired a taste for porters. Vanilla porters, specifically. 

And wouldn’t ya know, while trolling through a liquor store that I’d find a new vanilla porter by Leinenkugel! 

Tis called Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. 

What do I think of this? Well let me tell YOU. 


The bitter taste from the hops wasn’t too overbearing to make me go “blegh”. In other words, not too hoppy but just enough for an excellent taste and a nice buzz. 

The hints of vanilla in every sip is the right amount of sweetness. Mm mm mm. Just brewed to perfection. 

I’m not too sure about the alcohol content but after a few, it’s safe to say that I was floating.

OR that I’m just so washed that 3 beers will make me drunk. I’m not sure. Probably the latter. *shrugs* 

But I know one thing is for sure that I will be indulging in this brew a lot this ~not so snowy~ season. 


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