Taste Test: Cranberry Ginger Shandy

 One night while Jazzmin and I were walking around Meijer, probably shopping for something to whip up and eat, we stopped in the wine/beer area. 

Totally not out of our character. 

I came across a certain shandy that looked vv interesting. 

It was a Leinenkugel’s cranberry ginger shandy. Needless to say, ya girl was intrigued. Especially since I hate cranberries and not too fond of ginger. But bitches be daredevilin’. 

Decided to give it a try a buy one single bottle. And 


It tasted so crisp and so ~seasonal~ 

The small bitterness of the cranberries and the spice of the ginger was a combination that I didn’t expect to enjoy like I did.

It’s like both the flavors went on a full ass date, in my mouth. Like, I’m talking going out to dance, dinner AND third base. 

Y’all get the point.

I loved this and will indulge in this here shandy during the Christmas season, baybeh. 


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