Broke Bitch Meals: Shrimp and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

And here we are. Yet again. 

Today’s meal is something that I *probably* whipped up in the middle of the night cause insomnia is a shady bitch.

I’d always wanted to try something with shrimp, goat cheese and quesadillas and a broke bitch meal was born. 

So first I chopped about half an onion and cooked that with some olive oil until the onions got soft. 


After I set the onions aside, I took my handy dandy cooked skrimpz and tossed those in the same pan I cooked the onions in. 

I sprinkled a few seasonings in there. A little paprika, Cajun seasoning cause I like it spicy and a pinch of chili powder. 

I let them sit on there for a couple mins cause I didn’t want the babies to shrink. 

Then I took the goat cheese and crumbled it on one side of a tortilla. Tossed the shrimp on top, 


crumbled another layer of goat cheese and covered that with another tortilla.

I rubbed the same pan as before with a little butter so that the quesadilla would have a bit of a crunch.


Cooked it on one side for a few minutes or until I could see the cheese getting soft then put that thang down, flipped it + reversed it. 

Bada-boom, bada-bing. We got some quesadillas in this bih. 


Yea, I was that hungry that I couldn’t wait until I’d already taken a photo. BITCHES BE HUNGRY. 


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