Snax N the City: Union Street.

Another yummy restaurant review!
This time it’s Union Street in Midtown Detroit:

 union street

which is one of the oldest bar’s in midtown!

I started lunch off with the best calamari I’ve ever had,

it’s funny cause I wasn’t going to get an appetizer so thanks #Bae for suggesting it!

union street 1

Honestly, this is the best calamari ever, the lemon caper butter is perfection, and the squid steak is meaty, unlike some calamari I’ve had at other restaurants.

union street 2

For my main dish, I had the Union Street Mac & Cheese,

union street 4

which had a slightly garlicky taste,

 a surprising element but I loved it.

It’s comes with what they call a “petite Cesar salad” & it’s like the biggest Cesar salad ever,

union street 3

seriously, look at this!

Oh & I loved the drink I got too,

hot apple cider with Black Kracken rum,


If you’re in Midtown, check out this seriously yummy bar!

Union Street: 4145 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

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