Snax N Another City: Shake Shack.

In typical Wonda & I fashion, this simple trip to Shake Shack was not a smooth one.

shake shack

We decided to take a trip to Central Park but the Taurus in me was like FOOD.

To make a long story short, we walked through like 30 minutes of Central Park in the wrong damn direction.

Like, Shake Shack was literally 2 steps away from the train stop we got off at (East 85th) & we were like, way uptown (practically 92nd street).

But once we got there, it was worth it, okay?

Worth it.

Okay, first of all the line:

shake shack 1+

discouraging as hell, in fact someone in front of me was like, “NOPE!”

but it moved surprisingly fast, plus they give you this little beeper thing that alerts you when your food is ready.

shake shack 1

So the burger: much yum, very good.

I got the Smokestack,

shake shack 2

which included bacon, Shacksauce (which is like, thousand island or something, trust, it’s good.),  BBQ sauce (the smokey kind, aka the best kind), melted cheese & cherry peppers.

It had a slight kick to it, which I loved.

I also got a Concrete, which is like a shake but a little thicker. I got the Coffee Bean Brownie, which didn’t really taste like coffee but I still enjoyed it.

shake shack 3

Wonda got a “really good veggie burger” but I’m skeptical, cause gross.

**********Wonda here to #wellactually this post. It was a fried portobello mushroom burger filled with cheese and it was the kittens tits, ok. -saunters away-**********

Overall, Shake Shack is a win.

I love a good burger & this famous restaurant definitely lived up to the hype.

Shake Shack:  154 E 86th St, New York, NY 10028.

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