Snax N Another City: The Mac Bar.

Okay first, yes, I know we’re late, but it’s not the point.

The Mac Bar is a hidden gem in Nolita that I always seem to stumble upon when I’m in New York.

I’ve literally never been able to find it intentionally, but it’s always right in front of me when I want it the most.

mac bar

So, shout out to you Mac Bar.

Now that I’m done being all ~existential~, let’s get to the food!

mac bar 1

Their menu is small, but perfect.

The first time I went, I got the Mac Quck, a mac & cheese with duck confit which is crazy but amazing.

This time, I got the Mac Lobsta’

mac bar 2

 which featured chunks of lobster (actually PLENTY OF LOBSTA), cognac, tarragon, & mascarpone.

It’s really my favorite losber mac & cheese, even better than the one at the Detroit Seafood Market (yeah, I said it.), at a fraction of the cost at only $8.99.

mac bar 3

So next time you’re in NYC, check out the Mac Bar!

Cheap, delicious eats that you won’t regret.

Mac Bar:  54 Prince St, New York, NY 10012.

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