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#BBBrunching: Turkey & Brie Sandwich.

It’s not secret that I (fucking) love brunch. Every Sunday, my best friend Brittany & I would head to my favorite brunch place, Toast, in Birmingham, MI. While I recently fell in love with their monkey cakes (a delicious stack of banana pancakes with pralines & brown sugar on top), my absolute favorite thing on the menu is a sandwich that combines turkey, brie cheese & Granny Smith apples.

The bad part is that 1.) they don’t serve it on Sunday’s since it’s on the lunch menu & not the breakfast menu & 2.) since writing this THEY TOOK IT OFF THE FUCKING MENU SO NOW I CAN’T GET IT FROM THE RESTAURANT.

*okay* I’m calm. whew.

so this sandwich, is amazing. and I made it this weekend!


I spread some German mustard on a nice, crunchy ciabatta roll, and then places a few slices of Brie cheese on it.

sandwich 1

I then put some peppered turkey breast on the bread & sliced up a Granny Smith Apple and put it on top of the turkey.

sandwich 2sandwich 3sandwich 4

then add arugula & more Brie if you’d like (yes, more cheese please.) After that, just warm the sandwich enough for the cheese to melt then there you have it!



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