Ten Minute Meals: Chicken, Prosciutto, and Gouda Sandwiches.

A lot of the time when Wonda and I hang out, it consists of two things:

A trip to Ulta (our favorite beauty store) and a trip to Trader Joe’s (hey, please sponsor us!).

This particular trip included us buying too much lipstick (like always) & some delicious sandwiches!

sammie 5

Made with herb rubbed chicken, gouda cheese, & prosciutto, this sandwich is better than your basic ham & cheese.

Oh and this takes literally less than ten minutes to make.

Let’s get started:

 Okay, so since this technically just putting things together, I won’t give you a formal, step-by-step recipe,

instead, I’ll give you a list of things I bought for this meal:


sammie 1

One package of Trader Joe’s Grilled Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary Chicken

A couple slices of prosciutto

A couple slices of Gouda cheese

A handful of baby spinach

A smear of “Just Mayo” in the garlic flavor

It can’t get any simpler: just put that shit together.

The only extra step I did was warming up the chicken on a indoor grill

sammie 3

and then once the sandwich was put together, I threw that on the grill until the bread was warm & crunchy.

And there you have it, one fancy ass sandwich!

Eat up boo!

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