Taste Test: Strawberry Hard Cider.

I love a good hard cider.

Blame it on my low alcohol tolerance & general dislike of anguishing that taste too much like alcohol,

but one of my go-to drinks when I’m out is an Angry Orchard.

So on a foray to the local liquor store, I stumbled upon these babies:

beer 1

Maeloc, a Spanish hard cider that is strawberry flavored.

Honestly, what drew me to it was how stinking cute it was.

It’s like if the store Anthroplogie made beer in store & sold it to cute, suburban housewives, this is what Maeloc is like.

beer 2

And somehow, it tasted like that too.

When I first opened the bottle, a strong artificial strawberry smell hit me right in the face.

While I won’t say I was 100% put off, I was like, “Wow okay, hey strawberry.”

It has a taste that I can only describe as strawberry medicine, it actually made my mouth feel a little numb (what the hell is in this?”)

beer 3 beer 4

but….I liked it?

Honestly, I’d buy it again, they syrupy sweet cider was one of those things I didn’t know I wanted, but totally did.

So yeah, if you’re interested in trying something different, grab yourself a four pack of Maeloc!

Update: I tried to drink one the other day & it had the WORST fake strawberry taste.

It literally has the entire apartment smelling like cough medicine.

So if you do want to try these, make sure you drink them quickly.

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