Snax N Another City: Boozy Brunch at Tre

Well Jazzmin got incredibly drunk.

FullSizeRender 3

Bottomless mimosas for 1.5 hours? I mean. Girl. You knew. But I got an amazing buzz cause y’all know I’m a tank, lolololol.

FullSizeRender 2

We had 6 mimosas in 30 mins. WE WEREN’T PLAYING. BRUNCH. But we went to this ADORABLE place in the lower, LOWER eastside of Manhattan. It’s called Tre. One of the only places that had bottomless mimosas and didn’t require a reservation. Thank God cause those trains be trippin’, breh. It took us maybe an hour to get down there but it was SO worth it. The atmosphere was so chill and so amazing. Especially for the beautiful day that it was. The menu was simple yet complex.


It had a lot of delicious potentials but Jazzmin and I could not pass up the Mezzi Rigatoni Carbonara. It had pancetta, egg, pecorino and black pepper.


AMAZING. OMG. I HAD A MOUTHGASM, OK. Like, ugh. So good. The service was phenomenal. Any and every waiter/waitress serviced us without us asking and without a problem. Much appreciate, cause they fucking knew. And the soundtrack? Whew. Anyone into alternative pop/electronic pop? Dis yo jam. They were playing ALINA BARAZ AND NEM. I KNOW Y’ALL HIP TO HER. Also, they were playing Little Dragon and anyone that knows me knows that I stan down for Little Dragon, ok? I just love a place with great music. So important. Just everything was amazeballs about this place from the food, to the music, to the liq, to the service AND the servers. They were all so aesthetically pleasing. (ATTRACTIVE AS FUCK ~as Maybe by Alina Baraz plays in the background~) So anyone in New York or traveling to New York and interested in brunch spots? This is your place. They serve brunch 12-4 on Sundays. It’s worth the trip. Definitely worth it for us cause bitches be brunching as fuck.

One thought on “Snax N Another City: Boozy Brunch at Tre

  1. Love this, considering how much I love brunch and endless alcohol of any variety. And any form of PASTA is a win. Pls continue to brunch and keep us updated on bottomless mimosa spots because THIS bitch in particular be thirsty.

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