Wonda’s Five Kitchen Essentials

To piggyback off of Jazzmin’s previous post, I bring you my 5 kitchen essentials that I absolutely must have in my kitchen. ‘Cause what are snax without the proper tools, right? So moving forward, here are my kitchen staples!

5. Whisk:

Yep. A simple whisk. First of all, I am an egg lover. So naturally, I make a lot of eggs. And I beat those bitches out the frame. Also, I’ve noticed through the years that with a lot of my recipes, they require the use of a whisk. ‘Cause mixing dry ingredients? Bruh. I’m here for the convenience. It also helps me for my thickening agents. Those bitches need love too. But y’all get my drift. WHISKS!

4. Cast Iron Skillet:

Y’all know what I’m talking about. We all grew up with these ’cause mommas and grandmommas be knowin’. I don’t have a particular favorite size because I use any size. Big, small, smedium, etc. I absolutely LOVE these skillets cause they’re SO versatile. I can pretty much cook any and everything in these boys. No way any kitchen is complete without these guys.

3. Oven Mitts:

Because who wants burnt ass hands? Not me. JB has even burnt off an entire fingerprint, most recently last week, for not having oven mitts. I underestimated how important having oven mitts were until I didn’t have any. Visiting and cooking for different friends at their houses posed a whole other struggle within itself WHEN I DIDN’T HAVE OVEN MITTS. And ya girl ain’t trying to drive the struggle bus, nahmsayin?

2. Cutting Boards:

An item that I will more than likely ALWAYS use is a cutting board. Pretty much everything that I am cooking/eating needs to be chopped/sliced and/or separated. Bitches need their bases. Having a good cutting board can make or break a cooking experience, to be quite fucking honest. AND MINE WON’T BE BROKEN. So yea, cutting boards. Much important. Very cook.

1. Chef Knife:

Ok, so clearly I’m not a chef. But this knife? oh bitch. I use this for E V E R Y T H I N G. Chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, you name it. Not sure why it’s my favorite knife to use but I try not to question fate and destiny. My favorite chef knife that I personally own is my Farberware chef knife. Pretty damn legit, if you ask me. (nobody asked me)

So yah! These are all my kitchen essentials! I hope that these will help build your culinary experiences if they aren’t already, cause remember: Bitches be hungry. ❤

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