Snax N The City.

Welcome to Snax N The City.


i’m Wonda, the other half of Snax N the City.


JB & I are super happy you’re here!

i’m actually the genius who came up with the slogan, “Cause Bitches Be Hungry”, JB fell in love with it as soon as I said it to her.

A little bit about myself:

I was a vegetarian until I was about 18 years old (when I told JB this, it literally blew her mind.),  but I eat meat now. My favorite meal to cook is my Cajun pasta or any pasta with spinach in it to be honest (bitches be eating carbs!). I’m the opposite of a picky eater but I refuse to eat hot (hot like spicy) foods cause nah.

…so yeah, enjoy the blog!

oh yeah, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram: SnaxNTheCity_

xo, Wonda. ❤

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One thought on “Welcome to Snax N The City.

  1. Congrats ladies i’m super proud of the both of, looking for to reading more !

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