JB’s Five Food Essentials.

I was cooking for my beau the other day & I asked him if he had any flour and he said “No.” While a little thrown off, I understood (not really, I think that’s crazy.) & I asked him if he had any butter, and again, he said no. No flour, no butter, how does he cook? Answer, he doesn’t. So that lead me to think, what are my essential things that are always in my kitchen? I present you my five food essentials:

1.)  Chicken Stock: I put chicken stock in basically every rice/soup I make. I feel like it’s one of those things that adds an extra layer of flavor that you can’t really place, but you really love. I love adding stocks to things in general, but chicken is my go-to.

2.) Spinach: Whether it’s fresh or frozen (usually frozen because, lazy), I love adding my favorite veggie to meals. Anything from lemon pasta, to a fresh salad, spinach is a great green to have on hand.

3.) Orzo Rice: Okay, I’ll admit this one isn’t *super versatile* like the rest of this list, but this might be my favorite because how much I use it. Orzo rice makes an awesome risotto, a delicious salad, and a great alternative when you’re bored with pasta! Once, there was like, an orzo shortage at every supermarket I went to apparently for like a month, and I almost died. So now, I buy two boxes at a time, just in case.

4.) Parmesan cheese: Whoo shit, I love some good parm. Honestly, I feel like you can sprinkle it on most things & will taste good. Actually, can we campaign for more parmesan cheese in 2016? My personal favorite is finishing off some chicken piccata with a handful of it.

5.) Lemon: I feel like I’m cheating on limes (which I realllllyyy love) by adding lemons to this list, but I think lemons are one fruit that everyone should have at all times. Not even for eating, but for cooking & baking. Adding lemon juice to basic angel hair with some parm makes it feel like you’re eating something really fancy & adding lemon zest to a pound cake, girrrrrllllllll. Just girl, that’s all I can say.

What are some of your kitchen essentials? Share them with us!

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