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#BBBrunching: Three Cheese Quiche.

I’m a big ass sucker for brunch.

However, I’m not a big ass sucker for making brunch. So for me to get out of bed on my off day is a huge step.

Unlike Wonda, I do not like eggs, however I will fuck up some quiche.

While seemingly intimidating, quiche is a super easy dish to make with simple ingredients.

check out my recipe for a simple quiche:


Six whole eggs

Five strips of hickory smoked bacon

One cup of chopped baby spinach

One cup of sharp cheddar chees

One cup of Gruyere cheese

One half of a cup of Parmesan cheese

One 9 inch pie shell

Start by scrambling the eggs before you put them in them in the pie shell,

quiche 1

then chop up the spinach

quiche 2

okay, side note, these aren’t my hairy ass arms, it’s #Bae’s,

just for clarity.

Anyway, combine the eggs, all of the cheeses, cooked bacon,  and the spinach in the pie shell.

I forgot to take a picture/mention to cook the bacon before baking the quiche, so yeah, don’t put raw bacon in there.

okay, once everything is combined, pop the quiche in the oven & bake for about 30-35 minutes, or until it’s golden brown on top.

& there you have it,

quiche 4

a fake fancy brunch!

Enjoy with tons of mimosas, like we did.

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