SnaxNTheCity: Town Tavern.

Do you ever walk by a restaurant & go, “I should try that place.” but never do? That was me every time I passed Town Tavern in downtown Royal Oak. Every time I passed the restaurant, Id say to myself, “Oh that place looks good!” and walk right past it & go to Blaze Pizza….

Bad Bitches Be Hungry: Episode One.

Back Back Back Back Again!   If you couldn’t tell, this is our favorite gif/drag queen meme (Hey Alyssa! What’s your secret?) , but it’s really so fitting. We’re back from a little summer vacation we brand new recipes! Annnnnd we have a special guest with us today! Ms. Delo Brown (Our Uprising Network sister!) …

SnaxNTheCity: Episode 22

Best! Meal! Ever! You guys, seriously this is one of the most delicious things we’ve ever made. Watch how we make the *best* Mussels with Chorizo on! Happy eating!

SnaxNTheCity: Episode 21.

Hello loves! Today here on SnaxNTheCity we are celebrating my 24th birthday! In celebration, we are making my favorite, ~strong~ dessert cocktail: Banana Pudding Rum cocktail. Check out the recipe here!

SnaxNTheCity: Episode 18.

Hello loves! We have a ~travel vlog~ for you! Wonda & I both took trips to two foodie locations: New York & Italy. Check out our thoughts on our trip below! What’s your favorite foodie place? Let us know in the comments!  

Snax N The City: Episode 16

Hay guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! Finally here we will be demonstrating how to make a chocolate margarita. Ooh la la! Happy drinking!

Snax N The City: Episode 15

Hay love bugs! For this upcoming Valentine’s Day series, we’re bringing you TWO videos this week! Today Jazzmin and I will be showing you guys how to make a yummy, creamy risotto for your #bae or otherwise. Happy eating! ❤

Snax N The City: Episode 14

Hay y’all! Happy new year, happy February! Today on episode 14 of Snax, Jazzmin and I will be showing you guys how to make red wine brownies. Hope you guys enjoy as much as we did making them! Happy eating! ❤